Photo by Ramona Stillar


Seasonal water is activated. Please refer to the following links for more information. Signage in front of the Village Office, flyers, or Facebook posts will advise if ever an advisory is in effect.


Please keep  all pets securely leashed or in a fenced yard/enclosure and clean up after your pets. This is for the safety and security of everyone and part of being a good neighbour. ​​


Residents & visitors are reminded that abundant wildlife lives in the lake area. It is possible for wildlife to enter the village. Residents &  visitors are reminded to dispose of all garbage properly and cover cans, to keep pets on a leash at all times, and to supervise children carefully. Please contact the Village Office  if you see dangerous wildlife in the village.


The landfill is located approximately 5 kms north on Hwy 4 & 0.5 km west. Items accepted include: clean lumber, trees, leaves & scrap metal but absolutely NO REFRIGERATION ITEMS, PAINTED OR TREATED WOOD, PLASTIC or SHINGLES.  Please follow the Landfill Rules and report to the Landfill Attendant.

Please contact the Village Office for hours of operation.

  Garbage is picked up each Monday. 


Building & Construction:

Bylaws are in place regarding building and construction in the village. Residents must contact us prior to beginning any building or renovation. 


Residents and visitors are reminded that pets must be leashed at all times when off private property (Bylaw 04/12).   Please clean up after your pets. This is for the safety and protection of all.

Address Identification:

Residents are asked to affix their house numbers to their residence in order to facilitate services such as Bylaw Enforcement & Emergency Services. This will become mandatory as of 2013.


View your own individual property information by using the SAMAVIEW link on the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency website.